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Apothica CBD

Apothica Cafe proudly serves organic CBD. 

From our CBD Tinctures, Gummies & CBD Flower, you'll sure be able to find what you need.

CBD is Organic & fair-trade. Lab Tested.

our Tinctures are Full Spectrum, providing an array of cannabinoids, containing less than the legal limit of .03 THC. 

There are many Benefits to CBD such as:

•Offset Anxiety and Depression

•Treat Select Epilepsy Syndromes

•Reduce PTSD Symptoms

•Treat Opioid Addiction

•Alleviate ALS Symptoms

•Relieve Unmanageable Pain

•Ease Diabetic Complications

•Protect Against Neurological Disease

•Inhibit Arthritis Symptoms 

You can Find our CBD Products in shop.

Apothica Cafe

3 Dexter St, Cumberland, RI

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CBD: Pro Gallery
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