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We Are Apothica

Apothecary Inspired Coffee Shop

Apothica is an apothecary inspired coffee shop providing unique drink creations. From our locally roasted coffee, organic matcha, and carefully selected loose-leaf herbs, we'll make sure to use the best & raw ingredients  that allows us to create our menu. 
We are a 100% Vegan establishment, and have many allergen-friendly options for everyone to enjoy.
We avoid using anything containing artifical flavors, preservatives, unnatural food colorings, corn-syrup & more.
We believe is living a natural & holistic lifestyle & we're happy to share Apothica with you.
BlackStone Herbs and Coffee Bar 
Your Local Vegan Cafe

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Coffee on Table

Apothica is brought to you by Vegan entrepreneurs, Eddy Sandoval & Christian Torres. The menu was carefully crafted with using the most raw, simple & clean ingredients. We strive to promote a holistic, & healthy lifestlye. 


Our promise is to use the most natural ingredients, avoiding artificial flavors, corn syrup, fillers, chemicals, unnecessary food colorings and any animal products. We are Vegan, dairy-free, egg-free and have more allergen friendly options like tree-nut free, soy-free & gluten-free alternatives.  

Why Vegan? "Since 2015, we've made the leap to go vegetarian, & overtime we were transitioning to veganism, what really gave us a push was working at Plant City in 2019. We were apart of their Grand-Opening team. We're honored to have a cruelty-free establishment, and are excited for everyone to try our delicious vegan / Plant-based drinks & food." -Christian 

 Together they've created the menu that is know known as

BlackStone Herbs & Coffee Bar. 

Our Coffee

Our coffee beans were carefully selected. It was an easy decision for us to make as we already had our favorite coffee roaster, who sources direct, is Fair-trade & organic. We love our coffee beans because of this reason. We order in small batches so that way its roasted fresh per each order. It's a bold, and strong bean, which makes our drinks delicious. 

The Dream Team 

We work closely with our team and are honored to have such great talent with us. Our Star Barista Katie, carefully crafts lattes & Jessica, a chef, personal trainer, with her own Gluten-Free / vegan cook book “Two little Buns” work with us to create amazing food, drink & atmosphere. On the Weekends you can catch Sarah King providing excellent service at the bar. 

We’re excited for you to meet everyone & for any future creations we’ll have in store for you to try.

Organic Matcha

Organic Loose-leaf tea's

Organic CBD


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